Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

My Christmas was good.  My mom isn’t very good at shopping for kids who don’t tell her what they want, so she just gave us all money.  We each got $300.00; but I got a little more.  Not cold, hard cash, tho… but that’s fine since I got to spend it on whatever I wanted.  I bought a laptop with the $300.00; mom paid the taxes and whatnot.  Then, my mom also paid for an exam and bought me contacts[which I’m not even wearing right now. :O], and she also bought me a case for my iPod touch!  All totaling out to be $416.53.  My mom didn’t go completely broke buying for me though, since my sister is away at boot camp training for combat.  It was hard not having her here for the holidays; but they were nice nonetheless.  Hope everyone had a great ending to 2009, and lets embrace a fresh start with 2010!!

Let’s start this decade off right!


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